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In August 5, 2009, the 10000000 a move to Sunderland last season in the Premier League, for the black cats played 38 times, scoring 18 goals in 20 League appearances this season, scoring 8 goals.

While the grass grows the horse starves, weekend at nearly 5 home only 1 negative Blackpool, short Sunderland striker to win.

It is the young Welbeck in the twos a new force suddenly rises.

5 season, the team scored 81 goals and 3 over the same period, the Premiership goals only less than Rooney mint green nike free run 3 and Drogba both scored 82 goals! cheap nike free run 3 Last summer the Sunderland to 12000000 pounds from Wren introduction in South Africa World Cup on the good performance of the Garner striker and Jian, on loan from man united in the Premier League Rookie Welbeck, Strikeforce all black free run 2 configuration to mid-table envy.

However, the special and Jian to individual combat ability is famous, two people cooperates to fail to produce a chemical reaction, the special has 8 goals scored 6 before November, when Jian has not adapted to the English rhythm and bench.

Therefore, in Sunderland does not live happy this special in that Vera are interested in him after submitting a transfer request, although coach Bruce do not want to let people, but in the end only the high fee.

Sell the special, Welbeck again in the wounds, Bruce in the front can only rely on Jian and another of Uniteds old F free runs cheap Campbell, even nike free run pink going to 25000 a all black free runs 2 week does not kick the ball on loan at Manchester United veteran Erwin emergency.

mint green nike free Darren Bent debut in Ye Shiyu treat academy, played 4 season in the championship made 122 appearances, scoring 47 goals, in 2005 June to 2500000 pounds in a move to Charlton, after two season in the Premier League 68 appearances, nike free run 2 all black scoring 31 goals, and thus get the Spurs.

Aston Villa and Manchester City one battle, the former striker Ashley Yang lifts a ban resur.

On the evening of January 18th, Aston Villa announced from Sunderland signed 26 year old England striker Darren Bent, Sunderland got cheap free run 3 a large sum of money, but lost a striker general, and striker Welbeck is still on the sidelines, weekend at promoted Blackpool, attack force to weaken the black cat game is hard to find.

In 2007 June, the Spurs to 16500000 pounds, but after two seasons made 60 appearances and scored nike free run 50 off only 18 goals.

In the crack, the season starting 16 of 4 substitute appearances, scoring 6 goals, and no matter with bent or Jian cooperation has a good play.

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